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Okay......i use to write short stories.....they are half autobiographical.....and most of them are romantic or involve cutting....so be careful what you read

She was new there...He happened to be a friendly face. She fell to hard to fast. here it goes.

She hadnt talked to him in a while. She wasnt sure why.maybe he was busy....Maybe it was something else. I didnt matter she still spent hours worrying about it. Passing him in the halls wanting to say something to him so bad that it almost broke her down. And when he did talk to her it was brief just enough for her to want more...For her to lust for him...To want to see him more.

Today was just one of those days she had..where the world bothered her enough to dig for safety pins in the bottom of her bag and bad enough for her to get almost sick when she couldnt find them. She had missed the bus. Gotten to school late. But she saw him in the hall on the way to class anyway...actualy made eye contact for a change. the first few hours went by as they always do...with Mrs.Harris humiliating her third hour. But lunch she dreaded lunch everyday. Because he was there....he always was..but today...She silently stoood up to grab something across the table..he brushed behind her grabbed her around the waste and stayed like that for about five secondsshe felt like she was going to explode from the inside out...he actually leaned in and whispered to her...all the feelings were overwhelming to her so she didnt hear what she said....all she had was feelings his hand an her side his warmth against her back his breath against the right side of her face...and his smell.Oh my god his smell...And just like that he was gone. She felt like she had failed yet again. Because yet again she couldnt find the words to tell him that she needed him and his touch.

Okay....thats enough for tonight...i've probly bored you to death.
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