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Childhood Weirdness

Did you spend your childhood time with mostly real or imaginary friends?: real

Did people consider you an odd child?: Yes.

Do you have memories that go back to when you were only a few months old?: No

Do you remember any thoughts you had when you where very young?: Yes.

If you answered "yes," give an example of one of those thoughts: i remember thinking boobs were called "memory glands"
Were your dreams very vivid as a child?: Yes

What is the strangest memory you have from early childhood?: hmmm....i'm not sure
Were you a child prodigy or did you display any gifts at a young age?: Perhaps. i learned to write at age 2....learned to read at 4

What was the most "grown-up" thing you ever said as a child?: Your exuberance astounds me.

What were your favorite TV shows in early childhood: rainbow bright
Were you afraid of monsters?: no...but my mom always told me that if i was a bad kid someone would come and steal me in my sleep...so i was afraid of strangers.
Did you believe that fictional characters were real?: No.

Were you more quiet and artistic or loud and physical?: more quiet and artistic

Do you eat meat?: Yes

If you do, what is your justification for it?: It tastes good.

If you could legalize 3 things in the US, what would they be?: i think everything is okay
Do you believe in the death penalty?: Yes.

If you had a choice, which country would you have chosen to be born into?: Ireland

Describe your feelings about marijuana legalization:i think it should be left the way it is.
What about gay marriage?: whatever the people want.....i believe in happiness
Red, White and Blue is a ghastly color combination, right?: yeah....red is awesome by itself.
What television news coverage do you detest the most?: Fox News.

Which state do you think will drop off into the ocean first?: florida

Who do you consider "American Heroes"?: Stephen King, and Tim Burton.

Completely Obtuse And Silly Questions

Have you ever taken something apart just to see how it worked? Yeah

Do you ever yell at the television while you are alone? i yell at it when people are around too.

Name a few things (if any) that you bought on Ebay recently:
Are the Muppets sinister? muppets are cool.

Do you watch the Science Channel (Discovery) on a regular basis?: Yep.

Ever gotten into an "in person" argument with a total stranger? I don’t think so.

Sugar or Honey?: Sugar.

How many e-mails do you receive a day?: 40
Do you think that time travel is a possibility?: No.

Have you ever had a past life regression?: Sure.

San Francisco or New York City?: New York City.

Are you slightly addicted to online tests and surveys?: yes

Close your eyes and type the first random image that pops into your head: DeAndrew

If you could choose a time period in which to live, which would it be? now is fine
Emotions And Such

Have you attempted suicide more than once?: yup

Cutting?: yes...unfortunately still a problem
Do you get violent when you are angry?: yes.

Which emotion are you most consumed by?:loneliness and love
Are you highly emotive?: yeah

Do you discuss problems or keep them to yourself?: I keep them to myself.

Do you fall in love easily?: not anymore....one person fucked that up very royally for me

What age/year was the most difficult for you?: last year
How do you channel your anger/sadness?: writing and cutting

List a few simple things that make you happy: Music, friends, , waterfalls, stargazing, flip flops, Dede, layin around

When were you most recently your happiest?: april 2005

Describe your best friend as if you were describing a character from a film: No.

Do you have friends that are drastically different from each other?: yeah
List a few key traits that all of your friends have in common: humor....all my friends are beautiful in they're own way...most of them are musical in some way
Have you ever been betrayed by a close friend?: Yes.

If yes, are you still friends with that person?: yes

Are your friends mostly your age, younger or older?: older and my age

Are you close to your family?: no...to be honest i hate my family and my family hates me

What traits are you glad you inherited from them?: my lips and eyes

Which traits are you pissed off you inherited from them?: eh

What sitcom does your family most remind you of?: the osbournes

Does your family live locally or far away?: locally

Have you ever stopped speaking to someone in your family?: yes...piper
Have either of your parents died?: Nope.

Is your family very much like you or are you opposites?: i'm nothing like my family
How many siblings do you have?: 1 brother,4 sisters

Has your family ever thrown food at each other?: No.

Are the holidays a nightmare or a time of joy?: nightmare

Do you look like your parents?: yes

List one interesting fact about your family:

Gay, Straight, Bi-sexual or no idea?: Straight.

Married/partnered?: partnered

Ever gone out with someone you were embarrassed to be seen with?: Yes.

Ever broken someone’s heart?: yes

How many serious relationships have you had?: 2

Do you believe in monogamy?: Yes.

Do you believe in the theory of soulmates?:yes...but you dont always get to keep your soulmate....people change

Ever cheated?: Yes

Been cheated on?: Yes.

Most important emotional qualities of a lover?:love

Would You Rather...

Eat a steak or a whole tube of toothpaste?: Steak.

Be covered in papercuts or cigarette burns?: cuts

Be perceived as intelligent or street-smart (but not both)?: Intelligent

Eat a bottle cap or a spider the size of a bottle cap?: cap

Be ruled exclusively by your heart or your mind?:Heart

Have the power to read minds or make anyone fall in love with you? love
Chew shards of broken glass or sit on a lighted barbecue grill?: grill
Be able to fly or be able to render yourself invisible?: Invisible!

Have questionable integrity or no sense of humor?: Questionable integrity. Humor is one of the most important things in life.

Granted the answers to any 3 questions or ability to resurrect one person?: I'd take the answers.

Final Questions

Ever had a great song ruined for you after it was used in a commercial?: no
Ever yelled at an SUV?: Yes.

A Hummer?: no

If you could turn back time and change one thing, what would it be?: Ever fallin in love with garrett...i'm not saying it was a mistake...it was just painful
Bambi or Nemo?: Nemo

How long have you been on livejounal?: awhile

Do you find it to be a fulfilling experience?: Yep
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